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 Neelkanth Sodaclays Private Limited enjoys its origin from M/s Neelkanth Chemical Works, Who located India’s best grade Selenite (Hydrous Calcium Sulphate with 99% purity) from Village Thob Tehsil Pachpadra in Barmer District of Rajasthan in year 1953. Company obtained lease of world’s best highest swelling grade sodium Bentonites from Barmer District.

The Bentonites, With its quality supremacy from Neelkanth mines, in its high Swelling, Instantaneous thixotropy, fine Base Exchange Capacity, best Gelling (100% gelling by 2 %) meeting all International Specification in Drilling, Foundries, Palletizing, Piling, Coal briquitting, Bitmun and Tar suspensions for roads, Bleaching and Active Earths, Paints and Varnishes and hundred of other uses, we serve wide range of Indian Industries.

With a well equipped Laboratory our products of different grades of qualities are marketed with strict quality control. Supplies are also arranged according to the consumer’s own specifications. The high Technical guidance to the customers for obtaining best results, is also provided by our technical staff. Being pioneers in the Industry with 60 years long experience and continuous R & D. We are the leading house of Rajasthan Bentonite in India.

Neelkanth\'s pioneership also governs the Supply of High Grade Plaster of Paris, which is manufactured by Selenite of Rajasthan. Since the raw material i.e. Hydrous Calcium Sulphate, obtained from Bitterns of Sea Salt, has contamination of chlorides, which is not suitable for Surgical grade Plaster of Paris, our plasters are free from defects and objectionable salts and are best suited for surgical and medicinal use, and are supplied under I.P. Specification. Apart from that our Super fine grade is extensively preferred by Dentists, Paint Industry and for many Industrial uses, as also for high grade Pottery, Porcelain, crockery and stone ware Industries. The Setting time, rise in temperature etc. are also adjusted as per the customers requirements. 

Company is categorized under Bentonite supplier and located in Jodhpur , Rajasthan. It is mined and processed specially for foundry. The mining and processing of Bentonite is more than just digging out the ground and grinding it. Since clay deposits vary in individual characteristics, each deposit is invariably test - drilled. Various layers are tested in the well equipped laboratory at G-29, 2nd phase, Industrial area, Boranada, Jodhpur.

Neelkanth Bentonite the sign of quality in Bentonite which is strengthening bonds with Bentonite. Neelkanth Bentonite plays an important role as moulding clay in green sand moulding system and Neelkanth’s high swelling grade sodium Bentonite are favourite to the leading foundrymen of the country because of its blow – hole free smooth finish and high permiability dry, green and hot strength. It also plays an important role in oil exploration, oil well drilling water boring and other underground operation. It cleans the hole bottom and comes the cutting obtained by bit rotation to the surface. It helps to setting of the cutting at the surface setup. It work as an lubricant to the working bit. It cools the bit and the drill pipes by absorbing heat generated underneath during drilling and cutting operations. Bentonite prevent caving in the bore hole formations by filling the cave ties check & prevent water. It is free from sandy particles with high suspension & unique rheological properties. Bentonite has high swelling, gel, thixotrophy and yield lower fluid loss, low sand content and basically from true sodium family are preferred for the purpose.

The only activity it had, was of mining, processing, testing, analyzing and supplying of Bentonite to the industries all over india. As ‘necessity is the mother of invention’ Neelkanth has started discovering the occurrence of Bentonite and soared the name of Neelkanth in national mineral market.

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