G-29, Industrial Area,
2nd Phase, Boranada-342001,
JODHPUR, Rajasthan
Contact No.(office):
(02931) 281426, 281526, 281527
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Neelkanth Sodaclays Private Ltd.

Neelkanth Sodaclays company is a private company. It is categorized under Bentonite and located in Jodhpur, Rajasthan. It is mined and processed specially for foundry and also for other use by the Neelkanth Bentonite pioneer of activated and processed Bentonite in india since 1956. The mining and processing of Bentonite is more than just digging out the ground and grinding it. Since clay deposits vary in individual characteristics, each deposit is invariably test - drilled. Various layers are tested in the well equipped laboratory at G-29, 2nd phase, Industrial Area, Boranada, Jodhpur.
Our Products
Neelkanth has progressed from being a single mineral company to a multi mineral company. We deals in Bentonite lumps & powder, Plaster of paris and Gypsum lump & powder. We sell our products with a commitment of ‘no compromise on quality’. The greatest application of Bentonite is in oil drilling. Great quantities of Bentonite are used as drilling mud. In paint industry it is used as a thickener in some cheap paints, primers and water based coatings.

•Bentonite lumps & powder
•Plaster of paris powder ( all grades )
•Selenite (Gypsum) lump & powder.

We have sound client base in indian market. We deals in four seprate segments which are here under:
  1. Briquetting and Pelletizing Binder
  2. Foundries
  3. Drilling
  4. Piling
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